ICAIL Best Paper Awards Winners

ICAIL 2015 - San Diego

Best Doctoral Consortium Paper Award
Jyothi Vinjumur, for her paper involving E-Discovery entitled “Methodology for Constructing Test Collections using Collaborative Annotation"
She also had a full-length conference paper accepted that was entitled: “Evaluating Expertise and Sample Bias Effects for Privilege Classification in E-Discovery”.

Best Student Paper Award -- in honor of Donald Berman
Sjoerd T. Timmer, for his paper entitled "A Structure-guided Approach to Capturing Bayesian Reasoning about Legal Evidence in Argumentation"
co-authored with John-Jules Ch. Meyer, Henry Prakken, Silja Renooij and Bart Verheij

Best Overall Paper Award -- in honor of Carole Hafner
Floris Bex, for his paper entitled "An Integrated Theory of Causal Stories and Evidential Arguments"

Best Innovative Application Paper Award -- in honor of Peter Jackson
Erik Hemberg, Jacob Rosen, Geoff Warner, Sanith Wijesinghe and Una-May O’Reilly, for their paper entitled "Tax Non-Compliance Detection Using Co-Evolution of Tax Evasion Risk and Audit Likelihood"
Jacob Rosen received the award plaque on behalf of his colleagues at MIT (Hemberg and O'Reilly) and Sanith Wijesinghe received the award plaque on behalf of his colleague at MITRE (Warner).

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