Workshop on Evidence & Decision Making in the Law: Theoretical, Computational and Empirical Approaches

The workshop "Evidence & Decision Making in the Law: Theoretical, Computational and Empirical Approaches" is held in conjunction with 2017 ICAIL and aims to foster an interdisciplinary debate on the interactions between evidential reasoning establishing the facts and deliberative decision making determining legal action. In the process, different values must be balanced, in particular accuracy, fairness and efficiency.

We invite submissions that make progress in our understanding of the following:

(1) Modeling evidential reasoning and decision making at trial (e.g. evidence weighing; conflict resolution; standards of proof and rules of decision);

(2) Evidence-based decision making and the architecture of the trial system (e.g. rules of admissibility; discovery procedures; adversary v. inquisitorial models; rules of weight v. free proof); and

(3) The role and limitations of expected utility theory, and more generally cost/benefit analysis, for evidence-based decisionmaking.

We welcome contributions that address the topics above by applying theoretical, computational and empirical approaches, broadly construed, to the study of the law.

The workshop should be of interest to researchers in AI & Law working on legal reasoning, argumentation theory, the interface between probability, psychology and argumentation; legal scholars in evidence law, criminal and civil procedure; the law & economics community; philosophers of law, legal epistemologists, logicians and probability theorists; social scientists, sociologists, economists and anthropologists with an interest in the law.

Important dates:
Deadline for abstract submission: April 15, 2017 - ***extended to*** April 25, 2017
Accept/reject notification: April 25, 2017 - ***changed to*** May 10, 2017

Abstracts should be at least 300 words and no more than 500 words
Abstracts should be submitted in PDF format
Authors should send abstracts to marcello.dibello at

Workshop organizers:
Marcello Di Bello, Lehman College - City University of New York
Bart Verheij, University of Groningen

Please send inquiries to marcello.dibello AT

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