Call for Bids to host ICAIL 2019

The International Association for AI and Law (IAAIL) is soliciting bids to host the 17th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL) in 2019. Whilst we will consider bids from all geographical regions, for 2019 we particularly encourage bids from outside Europe since the 16th edition of the conference was hosted in Europe.

ICAIL is the biennial official conference of the International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law (IAAIL –, whose aim is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest research results and practical applications and to stimulate interdisciplinary and international collaboration.

The first edition of the conference was held in Boston, MA in 1987. Subsequent ICAIL conferences were held in: Vancouver (1989), Oxford (1991), Amsterdam (1993), Maryland (1995), Melbourne (1997), Oslo (1999), St Louis (2001), Edinburgh (2003), Bologna (2005), Stanford (2007), Barcelona (2009), Pittsburgh (2011), Rome (2013), San Diego (2015) and London (2017).
Bids for 2019 are welcome from individuals or groups who have an association with AI and Law research, usually through affiliation with a host institution, typically a university or research centre. Regarding timing, IAAIL has a strong preference for the next conference to be held in June 2019. Individuals or groups wanting to express interest in hosting the 2019 edition of the conference are encouraged to make this known to the IAAIL Executive Committee prior to the community meeting taking place at the 2017 conference on Wednesday 14th June, 2017. Following a suitable initial expression of interest, full proposals will be solicited when the 2017 conference has finished. These full proposals will need to make clear: the suitability and desirability of the host site; who the supporting team will be and why they are well suited to host the conference; what the accommodation and transportation options will be; what options there are for the conference’s social events; what the expected budget is.
Any questions relating to bids should be directed to the President of IAAIL, Katie Atkinson (katie AT and the Secretary/Treasurer of IAAIL, Anne Gardner (gardner AT


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